You are afraid of heights.  You have to live at the top of the CN Tower.

You are afraid of spiders.  You live in a house that is infested with spiders.

You are afraid of tight spaces. You have to work inside of an elevator.

You are afraid of flying (which I am).  You have to work as a pilot.

All of these things, you can avoid, change, maneuver and make the circumstances livable.

Someone with an eating disorder whose fear focuses around food, doesn’t have that luxury.  Food.  It’s part of every day.  We need it to survive.  It is at home, school, work, parties, in the car, at a park, morning, noon and night.  There is no escaping it.  And truthfully – it should not have to be escaped from.  But yet, someone with this illness feels just that.  It’s a struggle.  Do I eat?  How much do I eat?  I ate too much?  I didn’t eat enough and will be hungry again.  It’s constant.  And it’s unavoidable.  So it becomes part of Every. Single. Day.

Taking your biggest fear and having to face it all of the time is overwhelming.  And that is the reason why this disorder is so difficult to overcome.  It is always there.  In your face, front and centre.

It’s like an alcoholic living in a bar.



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