Another thing I don’t eat. And Why.

So you now know the reason I don’t eat chocolate.

I don’t eat Frosted Flakes either.

In my attempt to take laxatives in a different and perhaps easier way, I tried once to mix it with food.  I thought if I had to eat I might as well mix the pills in and the food would hopefully take away the gross taste.

Again, I was at Bagel Plus.  About to eat breakfast.  Frosted Flakes.  I took the laxatives and put a handful in the bowl. The milk started to turn pink.  Uh oh.  Hopefully this wouldn’t affect the taste.




Gross!  Again.  My plan didn’t work.  But, I couldn’t waste them, so again I was forced to eat something that tasted horribly awful.

To this day, the taste of Frosted Flakes gives me the heebie jeebies.

After those two episodes, I stopped trying to be inventive and left laxatives to be taken on their own.

Ya, real victory.

I should’ve stopped right than and there and realized what nonsense and stupidity I was putting myself through.  But nope.  ED wouldn’t allow me to.  He wasn’t ready to go.

It’s amazing how much I hated taking them, yet forced myself time and time again.


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