Deciding to get better

The most important step in recovery is actually wanting to get out into the world again, really longing to be well – not just saying it to your doctors and parents but meaning it, in your heart.

Eating Disorders has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, but this isn’t cancer or AIDS we’re talking about here: in the vast majority of cases, if you decide it and fight for it and start to eat and keep at it, you can recover.  The personal decision is half, if not more than half the battle.  Not to say that therapy is not important – it is!  But at the end of the day, the way you can and will get better is by wanting to get better.  And believing it.

Many times, I tried to convince myself that I did want to get better and I believed it.  Or so I thought.  But I wasn’t ready.  With an Eating Disorder you have to hit rock bottom, have an epiphany or just be tired and fed up and have nothing left to devote to this disease.  I think mine was a combination of all the above.  That and I made a promise to myself.  I forced myself into a decision.  No turning back.

It’s not an easy road.  Ups and downs – but as long as there are more ups, the road gets less bumpy.

Happy Father’s Day!


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