Will Eating Ever Be Normal?

When will it ever become normal?

I am reading one of the best books I have ever read.  And I HATE reading.

It’s called AN APPLE A DAY (Emma Wolf).

Here is an entry that totally resonated with me:

And this is a wonderful new experience.  Frozen yogurt.  We find the coffee shop and collapse into a booth at the back.  Tom goes up to the counter and comes back with two large tubs: vanilla yogurt topped with blueberries for me, raspberry yogurt topped with strawberries for him.  Frozen yogurt is like ice cream (which I haven’t eaten since around 1989) and tastes absolutely delicious.  It’s actually fat free, but that’s not the point:  it’s a novelty to enjoy eating the same thing as my boyfriend, something fun and unplanned, between meals, just for a treat.  I don’t do that very often – well, never.  We spoon it down greedily as it melts, swapping spoonfuls of raspberry and vanilla.  Tom keeps smiling at me.

She’s right.  Something that seems so trivial to the average person is a huge milestone to a person recovering from an eating disorder.

Food is very meticulously planned.  It is not an in the moment type of event – it’s just that. An event.  Thought out, organized and calculated.  Not simply enjoyed.

I went out today with my son who graduated from Senior Kindergarten.  I told him we were going to celebrate at Menchies.  He got three mixed flavors and a few delicious toppings.  I was going to get nothing until I remembered what I read last night.  And so I took a cup and got some frozen yogurt too.  Although he didn’t realize the magnitude of what I was doing, there was a smile on his face as we enjoyed this treat together.  A moment he won’t remember, but I certainly will never forget.

I strongly, strongly recommend this book to those who are currently trying to recover, thinking of recovery – basically anyone who has an Eating Disorder, knows of someone with an Eating Disorder and wants to read a very personal account of someones journey through her hell.An_Apple_a_Day_RGB_small_1

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