Death Sentences

A very good friend of mine has been a great support system for me during recovery. We were texting last night.

She sent me this message:

When I used to see a Naturopath she asked me if g-d forbid I was to find out I had 6 months to live would I spend time worrying about this type of stuff?

Very poignant indeed.

I know that I wouldn’t worry about this nonsense if I was given 6 months to live. An Eating Disorder has one ending. Death.  So the 6 month scenario is very realistic to someone struggling with an extreme eating disorder.  Starving yourself, laxative abuse, restriction and anxiety are all ingredients for a death sentence.

Simone has asked me if I think I’m invincible.

I told her yes.  I believe it.  Or so I think I believe it.  My Eating Disorder believes it.

Lisa knows I am not.  You can only take so much abuse.  Nobody can survive this amount of pain and suffering.

When I was at Whole Foods last year, I saw an awesome advertisement.  It said:

What if you treated your friends the way you treated your body.

Ironic huh?  I know if I did, I would have no friends.

So why do I think it’s okay to treat myself that way?


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