I am skinny. So what?

I lost 30lbs. In a short period of time. I’m technically underweight. Medically underweight. I’m skinnier than I was two years ago.

Am I richer? NO

Do I have more friends?  NO

Does my family love me more?  NO

Am I happier?  NO

So what exactly did this weight loss bring me?  Looser fitting clothes. And….well, nothing else. Nothing that makes my life any better.

Here is a picture of me from August 2014.


I look happy.  Healthy.

So to answer my own question, being skinnier has not changed my life at all in any positive way.  It has done quite the opposite.  It has made me sick, brought concern, taken away my time and most of all changed my way of thinking.

Looking back at that picture I see happiness.  I deserve to feel that every day.  We all do.

It may be cliche, but I am living proof – nothing can buy you happiness except your own happiness.



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