Think before you speak

I bumped into an old neighbor today. She read the article and asked me how I was.

“Doing well, everyday a little better.”

She then went on to tell me that she had weight to loose because she weighs more than she ever has.

“Be well. Take care of yourself. Just eat.”


Luckily I am in a place where I can deal with that type of situation. But what if I wasn’t. I know people don’t understand an eating disorder and I certainly don’t expect people to but that dialogue was just ridiculous.

You have weight to loose?  Well I have weight to gain because I became addicted to laxatives and am extremely underweight and medically compromised. I didn’t say that but wanted to.

And just eat?  So that’s the answer?  Oooohhhhh – after years of therapy, if I had only known.



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