Dear Diary

Yesterday I went to a seminar on recovery.  There were several different guest speakers discussing the hell they went through and how they got through it to become recovered.

I could relate to so many of the stories.  I always like to listen to stories from people that have suffered and their journey to recovery.

Than a young woman stood up with a  book in her hand.  She started reading from what appeared to be her diary.  The entries were painful, she described her struggle and illustrated a very dark, horrific time in her life.  She was crying uncontrollably.  There was not a dry eye in the house.

She put the book down.

“This is not my diary.  This was my sisters diary.  She was 23 when she had a heart attack in her sleep and died.  Her eating disorder killed her.  All of the people standing up here give you hope.  My sister gives you a reason to stop.  Today.  There might not be a tomorrow.  She always said she would stop tomorrow.  She was never able to see tomorrow.”

It was awful and incredible at the same time.


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