Your face looks fuller = you are fat

I know that I look better.

I know that I don’t weigh the 130lbs my mom would’ve like to have seen when she came back from Florida.  But, what she noticed was my positive attitude.  She saw me smiling, laughing, joking – being Lisa.  As I’ve always said and believed – it starts from the top down.

People are afraid to discuss weight and food around me.  DON’T!  I can handle it.  That doesn’t bother me at all.

People are afraid to tell me that I look better.

I met a friend today for coffee and she said my face looked fuller.  The panic in her eyes immediately after she said that made me smile.  “Don’t worry, I know you aren’t saying I’m fat.  I know I’m not, I know I never have been.  A full face is a good thing.”

So don’t be afraid to talk about food, weight, diets and how you hate putting on bathing suits.  The more you avoid conversations around me, the more awkward it becomes.  Telling me my face looks fuller is not awkward.  It’s awesome.


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