Today is my cheat day

I overheard two women talking this morning and I almost puked.

“Today is my cheat day.  I can eat whatever I want because I am going to weight watchers so after that I can have anything I want.”

There are so many things wrong with that statement.

  1. Cheat day?  Cheating?
  2. Eat whatever I want?
  3. I can have anything?

I know from first hand experience that the more limits you put on yourself, the more you want what you are holding back from.  That is why people need cheat days.  That term is just so fucking stupid.  Cheating on what?  Yourself?  Cheating your mind?

Why not have the cupcake you want today and feel satisfied.  Instead of waiting a whole week to gorge yourself for one day, than starve yourself for 6 more until your weigh in?

We put so much pressure on when we eat, what we eat, how much we eat and what other people are eating.

If we focused less on our own expectations I bet that everyone would be a lot happier and we wouldn’t have such a screwed up mentality of food.

Even the pros agree:


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