May 2nd

I spoke to Lauren today in length.  She wanted to review some facts and to make sure there were no surprises when the article comes out.

I’m going under the name Lisa Sheinfeld.

Am I scared?  Yep.  I almost pulled the plug.  But, that would allow ED to control the situation by not allowing me to tell my story.  I said to Lauren that my illness cannot be for nothing.  To suffer for 20 years and  (eventually) be recovered is my goal.  BUT, I know that I have to take what I have learned and do something with it.  I cannot walk away from 20 years of torture without doing something positive in return.

I don’t expect the health care system to all of a sudden, miraculously receive millions of dollars to help those suffering with eating disorders.  I know my story will not achieve something like that.

What I’m hoping is that one person either at the beginning of an Eating Disorder or deeply involved in their illness will see what a hell it is and how it can become your whole entire world.  To recognize that once you get trapped, ED does not let you out very easily .  That it will eventually will kill you.  I want to help just one person.  Just one.

So keep your eyes open on May 2nd.


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