How to count days of recovery

I read something very interesting the other day.

It was about a woman who was recovered.

She said that during the process she had ups and downs.  Good days and bad days.  But if she had four great days and a bad fifth day, she didn’t start over at day zero.  She just wouldn’t count that one day.  The next day would be day five.  And so on.

I like that method.  The problem with starting your “count” all over is that you beat yourself up when you have to start back at day one.  You often have the mentality “Well, fuck it – this is just never going to work.  Give up.”  But, by missing a day and moving on with the good days, you have hope and it’s more encouraging.  A bit of reverse psychology.

I never used that newer method.  I always started over.  And I think that’s a huge reason of why recovery has been difficult for me.  By now using the “okay I had a set back, time to move forward” attitude, I feel more accomplished and it gives me the push to keep going.

There is no rule of thumb or booklet that tells you how to recover.  It’s all up to you to make the rules.  You are the boss.  I haven’t been keeping track to be honest.  But that begins now.  I always liked having milestones and reaching them.  I won’t ever share the number of days – until I hit 100.  It will come.

While driving today, I saw a car with this saying on the backdownload – ONE LIFE, LIVE IT.

It couldn’t be more true.  I am living it – day by day.


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