This Time Should Be Different

A wise and supportive friend this morning said “If you want to talk through anything let me know.  You have a very tough decision to make.”

She continued….

“My advice would be to make sure this time would be different.”

Me: “It would have to be.  Last time I don’t think I wanted it.”

Friend: “Yes it would have to be.  Are you ready to make it different?”

Me: “I have to.”

Friend: “Not what I was asking.”

Me: “Yes, I am.”

Friend: “Than you need to do it.  And I mean for your health.”

Good advice.  And honest.

Last year, when I was suppose to go to TGH and took time off I wasn’t ready.  I am ready.  I have to be.  I have a life to live and it’s passing me by every single day.  So as I take these giants steps towards getting it back I know that tough decisions will have to be made.


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