Advice from a nine year old

My kids hear me talk about work. They listen. I try to be careful around them but they are old enough to pick up on things.

My none year old son asked me the most interesting and thought provoking question anyone has ever asked.

“Mom, you always tell me to stand up for myself. Why are you letting your boss bully you?”

He’s right. I continue to allow someone to make me feel small, stupid and insignificant when I am the complete opposite of that. So is me taking a medical leave the easy way out instead of standing up for myself and telling her that the way she treats me is unacceptable?  No. I will use this time to my advantage. I will still be an employee and getting better at the same time. If and when I decide to leave permanently I would be honest with her. Because that’s what this whole process is about. Honesty. No more lies.


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