I am known for many things.

I’m funny, creative, outgoing, love planning parties and can recite movie on the drop of a dime.

I’m also known for loving jube jube and ice caps.

My mom said that when I started eating jube jubes again, she would know I’m getting better.  And I did.  Last weekend.  At my nephews birthday party.  I had two handfuls – no remorse, no anxiety.  Pure enjoyment.

Last night on my way home from work I wanted a cold drink.  While I was chatting with one of my BFF’S, I asked if I should have an ice cap or a frozen lemonade.  She voted for the ice cap because “I haven’t heard you have one in forever”.  So I ordered it and enjoyed it.  I could hear her smiling on the other end of the phone.  That is a true friend.  She has been there to support me and continues to support me.  And is genuinely happy when I succeed. The father, son and the holy ghost are also big supporters 🙂

Another BFF yesterday morning continued to ask me about my therapy, my improvements and my goals.  She asks because she cares.  She wants me better.  She wants me to beat ED. We haven’t been friends since childhood or high school, but I’m glad she came into my life because she cares about me as if we have known each other forever.  She is one of the few people that knows I like to use a straw when I drink my coffee.  Things only your closest friends know.

So that is another thing I’m known for.  The best friends a girl could ever ask for.


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