My Photo Shoot

So, the photographer came to my house last night.

Unfortunately Lauren called me last minute and said that she wouldn’t be able to make it.  We will conclude our interview over the phone.

The guy who came was really nice.

His first question was “What are you trying to convey in this article?”  Do you want to appear confident or vulnerable?  Interesting huh?  After I gave it some thought, I explained that as much as I would love to appear strong and capable –  that is not what I feel when it comes to ED.  I told him that the article focusses on me trying so hard to search for help, but because of the lack of resources and assistance – I am weak and powerless.

Chris (the photographer) had several questions about ED to better understand me and the disease.  This helped him with the various photos.  I am excited to see them and read the article.  Lauren will call me this week to go through the final questions.

I know the day before this goes to print, I will be scared shitless.

We did agree on me using Sheinfeld.  Not Boltman.

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