What My Kids Will Remember

I know they are aware of mom’s sore stomachs and washroom trips.  However, those episodes are getting less frequent.  So hopefully that is not how they will remember me.

I want them to remember all of the good things about me.  The laughing, the great memories, the hugs and kisses.  That is what matters.

I want them to remember today.  When all three of them were paged down to the office by the Vice Principal at lunch.  Mom was there with McDonald’s sundaes (Adam and Cooper) and a hot apple pie (Tyler).  The look on their faces were awesome.  They were elated.  I even got three hugs.  At school.  In front of their FRIENDS!

It’s such a small, easy gesture but it meant so much to them and those are the things that years down the road I want them to tell their kids that mom did.  Not that I spent so much time in the washroom.


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