I have told you about the notes Cooper makes for me.

I love them.  To Infinity and Beyond.  They are the cutest, most touching gestures.

Every morning, he stands on his bed and waves goodbye to me.  I love it and I hate it.  Hate that I am leaving.  Love that he does it.  He waves until my car is no longer in his vision.  And my arm sticks out of the window for as long as I can.

This morning, before I left Cooper said, “Mom, I want everyone to know I love you.”  I saw him holding a piece of paper.  I knew what he had in mind, but I played dumb.  “What’s that Coop?”.  He showed me the piece of paper.  I LOVE MOM.  “I’m going to hold it up so our whole street sees it.”

If it’s possible to have a heart explode from love, it did this morning.



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