Cheat Day

I was getting my hair done yesterday.  Eavesdropping at the conversation beside me was nauseating.  I heard the two woman chat about diets, working out, New Years Resolutions and “Today, I had a cheat day.”


Cheat days?  Why are we so dumb and programmed to think like this?

Why can’t we say, “I had the best piece of chocolate cake and it was delicious.”

A couple of weeks ago at work, while having a working lunch, they brought out dessert.  One girl said, “Oh, I can eat this, because I’m going to work out tonight.”

Why, why, why?  Why do we constantly feel this need to justify what we eat.  We make excuses because we are embarrassed that people are judging us?  Do we actually think people really care?  Do they care?

It’s like that time weeks ago at Longos when the woman in line said I must be so lucky because I can probably eat anything I want without gaining weight.

If she only knew.
You know, you can have your cake.  And eat it to.  Even if it isn’t a cheat day.



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