12 Years Ago

It was 12 years ago yesterday that I became clean and sober.

Super Bowl Sunday at my parents house.  That was the day I decided my body couldn’t take any more pain..  I meant it and I knew it.

I enjoyed the day with my brothers and their friends.  They didn’t know what I was celebrating.  I felt free, I felt relieved and I was excited about the life that was in store for me.  Nobody knew that my new life was about to start.  Imagine how much joy I felt.  After fighting for so long, a huge weight was being lifted off my shoulders.

I enjoyed some snacks and went upstairs to take my last dose of laxatives.

I was sick, felt like shit – but that was it.  The end.

The beginning.

I stopped cold turkey.

Doctors have told me that your body can experience EDEMA when you stop cold turkey.  A condition characterized by an excess of watery fluid collecting in the cavities or tissues of the body.

I honestly don’t remember any side effects from February 1, 2004 onward.  Oh no…wait, that’s a lie.  I do remember the side effects.  I slept, I felt great, I had a life, I wasn’t constantly in the washroom, I ate, I lived in the moment, I smiled and I meant it.  Funny how if I did experience EDEMA I don’t even remember.

That’s because the other things far outweigh some bloating.


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