My good friend J, who is always looking out for me sent an article that I found really interesting.

It’s all about myths surrounding an eating disorder.

Here are a couple points I found to be so true:

I just want to get her back to how she used to be.

No, you don’t. How she “used to be” is what got her here in the first place. The most rewarding part about recovery is seeing the transformation that takes place for a person when they establish control over their life. Though it’s important to acknowledge what happened in the past and to work through any issues, a person enters recovery thinking and seeing themselves one way, and by the time they are free, it’s unlikely they will think of or see themselves in the same way at all.

Someone will get well for their kids, to prevent a breakup, to do well at school or keep a job.

These may be the inroads to recovery – often we need an incentive to face this most challenging process. However, to stay in, to actually get well, means that the person suffering must fight the fight for themselves. The work is too hard, too consuming and too turbulent to make it about external influences. The will to stay in has to come from you.

Both very true.  I couldn’t agree more.

I met with the editor from the Star the other night and it was great.  She was completely shocked at the lack of resources and available help for people with Eating Disorders (funny, I still hate saying that word).  She couldn’t believe that I have been told that wait lists are months to years long, that my BMI is too low and that there is basically no help for someone asking for help.  The real help is in the US.  I found this fantastic program in Denver.  The cost?  $4,500 a day!

She will be doing some research over the next couple of weeks and at that point we will sit down and speak in more detail about my experience.  She asked if I was okay using my name in the aticle.  I know oriinally I had said no.  I wasn’t prepaed to let the cat out of the bag.  But, as we know, this isn’t a secret anymore and I really can’t let ED take control of my life anymore than he already has.  I need to be a voice.


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