Other people’s baggage

Saw S today.

This week she gave me more homework. Every morning I have to text her my goal for the day. Big or small. But it has to realate to ED. And the following day, when I send her my next goal, I have to repeat the one from the day before. And so on.

She said something interesting. Years ago, S suffered too. I told her how a friend asked me about a camp for people with mental illnesses. I told S I wouldn’t want to listen to other people’s baggage. She said she really enjoys it because it makes her appreciate recovery and how she would ever want to go back to the disease. And she meant it. Very encouraging. And eye opening. She’s a voice for those suffering. I know one day I too will give back. I do want to listen to other people and let them know how I got off the merry go round called ED.

Wednesday I am meeting with the reporter from the Toronto Star. Just to talk. I’ll listen to the story idea she has in mind. And decide from there what I want to do.

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