Not Feeling Well. Nobody Cares.

Funny that when I don’t feel well people assume I must’ve taken laxatives.

Not possible for Lisa to actually have a stomach ache.

What I find crazy, and I spoke to S about it is that one day when I did take, and as usual was out of commission for the day I told Rob I must have the flu.

And when he didn’t bow to my every command I was actually mad.

I’m not feeling well, why doesn’t he care?

He cares.  He’s just sick of me being sick.

I look forward to the day when I tell him I have a stomach ache and it’s because I have a stomach ache.  Not because I’ve ingested gross, disgusting laxatives.

One day, soon – he will believe me.  When I earn his trust back.  I’ll say I have the flu and like he use to do – he will make me soup, tea and cover me with a blanket.

For the time being, stomach aches to him are set backs.



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