I’m so gross

I was at the gas station today and the girl in front of me was talking to her boyfriend.   She was rubbing her stomach and making these very weird looking expressions.

“I’m so full I could puke.  Look how gross I am.  I am so gross.”

Her boyfriend barely listed to the nonsense conversation that she was literally having with herself.

“Aren’t I gross? I ate so much for dinner.”

I know exactly what she was doing.  It’s something we all do.  We feel a certain way about ourselves and we try to get someone else to convince us that it’s not true.

But why?

She probably had a great dinner, nice conversation and amazing company with her boyfriend.  But instead of focusing on all of those positive things she’s dwelling on the fact that she “ate too much”.  What exactly is too much anyways?

Here are some definitions of gross:

  • unattractively large or bloated
  • indelicate, indecent, obscene, or vulgar
  •  extremely or excessively fat

She was none of the above.  But yet, she compares eating a meal that satisfied her to equal fat, gross, unattractive, large, vulgar…..you get the picture.

Society if fucked.

The best part came when they walked outside of the gas station.  As I opened my car door to get in, I watched the two of them – I don’t know why to be honest.

She…the gross female decided to light a cigarette.  To her, that was okay.  I thought what a moron.  Here you are complaining of your body and now you are completely destroying it.  You aren’t gross.  You are an idiot.

Than I self reflected.  Whose the idiot?


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