My New Friend

So, I went to see S today.

Great visit.  We do know each other from the good old High School – Shark City, Barracuda days.  At first I wasn’t sure how that would play out.  Weird?  Awkward?

Not at all.  It really was like sitting around with a friend.  But someone who knows exactly what I’m going through because she too suffered many years ago.  She’s an experienced Life Coach and Nutritionist.  We talked a lot and there were things she said that made me look at ED a bit differently.  Therapy – I have had and learn a lot about ED, but I can certainly see a benefit to a life coach.

She asked me what I eat in a day.

“Would you be okay with your kids eating that for the day?”  No way.

Her purpose is for me to find me.  Who I am.  What do I like.  Get back my identity.

She gave me homework:

  1. I have to come up with a list of things I would like to see myself doing in a year.  One thing she didn’t want me to say was that I wanted to get rid of my eating disorder.  We are not focusing on what we are taking away, but rather what I will gain.
  2. Every day I have to write two things I like about myself.


Hmmm….1. I like my motivation.  I hated working at CAA and was absolutely miserable.  Many people said I was lucky to get paid for doing nothing.  But, that was not satisfying so I did something about it and found a new job that I am incredibly happy with.  2. I like the mother that I am to my children.  I am involved, I am loving and most importantly I always keep my promises to them.  They always tell me I’m the best mom so I must be doing something right.



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