Meeting someone new

I came across a blog of a VERY sick young woman who lives in Toronto.

I have heard her story and saw a documentary on Intervention talking about her illness.  She kept referring to someone that she was seeing for years to try and help with her ED.  The name rang a bell because I do remember this person from back in my High School days (not to age either of us) and know that more recently she was involved in some capacity with Eating Disorder recovery.

I went on her website and liked the fact that she is a nutritionist and a life coach.  I really like her approach and figure this would be a great addition to my regime in conjunction with seeing Lauren.  Certainly couldn’t hurt to add another element to my recipe.  We are meeting tomorrow and it very well could be the perfect piece to my puzzle.

I saw my GP and she has always said not to do too many things.  But she feels this would be a great compliment to my recovery.  It can only get better from here.

I went to get my hair cut and coloured tonight.  My hairdresser said I look good.  I look fuller, not as gaunt.  I also bumped into a good friend at Longos last night who said the same thing.

People sometimes are afraid to tell me I look fuller.  Don’t be.  I know you aren’t saying I look fat.  My thoughts are not skewed.  You are telling me I look good.  Healthy.  Happy. I’m okay with that.  I promise.


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