37 Years Old. 40 Lbs.

About 6 months ago a woman Rachel Farrokh made headlines around the world with her desperate plea.  She is 5’7 and weighed 40lbs!  That’s a BMI of 6.


My 5 year old son weighed more than her.

She was turned away from every treatment facility because they simply could not care for her.  There were some options available but the cost was beyond what she could afford.  Through the compassion of over 8,000 people – she raised $200,000 on gofundme.com.  Enough money to treat her locally until she was stable enough to move to another location in Portugal.

You wouldn’t even believe her transformation.  She actually looks human now.  I’ll be honest.  When I read her story I thought there was no way in hell she would recover.  No way she was serious.  She was destined to die.  But she had the one thing, the one and only thing that proved me wrong.  She had determination.  And in this disease that is all you need.  The knowledge is secondary.  She is quoted as saying that many of the treatment programs she tried didn’t work because they didn’t understand that “The brain has to come along with the body.”  She couldn’t be more right.  I’ve read about people that were anorexic who put on weight and actually became obese.  But they still had an eating disorder.  So it’s not just the body, it’s what goes on between your ears that will really make the difference.

Read her story.  She’s an inspiration.  Hell, if she can do it – I can.  Anyone can.




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