Role Reversal

Funny how as a parent you know that your job is to take care of your kids – yet sometimes you find that they are actually the ones taking care of you.

Take my three boys for example.  They are the loves of my life.  Each with their own personality and each have a special place in my heart.

But the one thing they have in common (besides wanting to beat the crap out of each other on a regular basis) is their love for me.  I don’t need to coax them or ask for a hug.  They will tell me they love me, hug me or want to cuddle with me.  They love me for being me.  Their mom.  For sitting on the sofa and watching tv with them, for reading a book, helping them do homework, play cards or just to lie in bed and talk about our day.  That’s why they tell me they love me.  Nothing fancy and I don’t even have to try – because I love them so much it is just natural for me to want to be with them and be the person I am when we are together.

They don’t realize it, but they are actually the ones who get me through every day.  When I hear the words I LOVE YOU or get an unprovoked hug, it reminds me of how special I am and that I am worthy enough to get my life back.

I can see therapists, doctors, dieticians, nutritionists, holistic specialists, and a million other medical professionals, but in the end it will be me who gets Lisa out of this because of my kids.  The very best professionals in the world.  My boys.

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