Maybe I should’ve been an alcoholic

A good friend of mine is in rehab.

She’s taking control of her life and getting better.

It got me thinking.

All of the places that deal with drugs and alcohol seem much easier to get into.

With Eating Disorders, there are soooo many roadblock and obstacles.

Can you believe that one of the inpatient programs told me that I’m too underweight.  I asked what I should do.  The intake coordinator said put on some weight than call me back.


So, you are telling me if an alcoholic called they would ask how many drinks were consumed a day and may be told they drink too many, so they should cut back before coming into treatment?  No.  They wouldn’t.  They would be admitted.

What’s the difference?  Why are Eating Disorders treated so differently?

The system sucks.  I need to change it.


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