Taking Control and Giving it Back

Things you do and things you say – you can never take back.

You can apologize for treating someone like shit, or acting like an asshole – but you can never ‘undo’ it.  People forgive but don’t forget.

The same goes for your body.  The damage you do is done.  You can’t take it back.

I was watching a video about a girl that was now recovered.  She said during her darkest times, she didn’t care about the damage she was doing to her kidneys, teeth, liver, intestines, ovaries, hair, skin and anything else that went along with an Eating Disorder.  All she cared about was being skinny.

How fucked up is that?  She might as well put a gun to her head, because that is what she was doing.

I don’t care about being skinny.  I really don’t.  It’s all about control.

So I am working on taking back control in other areas of my life.

Switching jobs was a big one.

And giving up control is just as important.  I can’t do everything, be everything to everyone and always be there ALL OF THE TIME.

So, as much as I have to take control – it’s equally essential that I give some of it back.

It’s kind of nice not to always be perfect.  I’m perfectly imperfect and totally okay with it.


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