Letting the skeleton completely out of the closet

First things first.

YEAH JAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An editor from the Toronto Star wrote a really interesting article about a woman who suffered from over-exercising (link below).  I wrote in just to comment on some of the points and similarities to myself and to let her know that I enjoyed reading the story.

Lauren Pelly, the writer contacted me and began asking some questions about my story.  She was very interested in several things I said.  How I’m a mom suffering, how the lack of resources is such a road block, how I’ve been told I’m too underweight for an inpatient program and how long I have been suffering.

She proposed an idea.

Let her follow my journey.  Let the readers watch me recover and be a part of my life.

I was shocked.  I was touched and I was intrigued.

So I made a pro and con list.


  • may impact others in a positive way
  • people may reach out to me and I can make great connections
  • I get to share my story
  • will hold me accountable
  • this may help make changes to our healthcare system


  • I will be outing myself to everyone

It’s a short list, but it’s a BIG con.  My family and friends know.  Those closest to me know.  Even some strangers may know.  But I’ve recently started a new job.  My mom has customers at the store that know her well.  My brothers/sister in laws have friends and family of their own.  My husband has clients.  My kids.  Everyone will have to start answering for me.  Being my advocate, explaining the story.

But I do want to share my story.  As I’ve said, this 20 year hell cannot be for nothing.  When I am fully recovered I need to be involved in some capacity.  Is now the time to start?

Interested in your thoughts and feedback.  Please comment.

Link to the article:



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