Easy Choices

Long weekend, lots of great stuff with the kids.

I try to be in the moment when I am with them.  For my kids, I will do anything.  And it’s genuine.  I’m so happy when I am with them because they are so happy when they are with me.

What kills me more than anything is to think that when they grow up they will remember a “sick” mom who spent an awful lot of time in the washroom, or in bed not feeling well.

They are still young enough not to get it, but getting old enough to make sense of it soon.

So right now is the time for me to make sure they always look back and remember the great times with me.

Like Sunday morning for example.  They woke up and the four of us went to McDonald’s for breakfast while dad slept in.  Just us.  The look on their faces when I told them we were going really was priceless.  It takes so little to make them happy.  They don’t care about anything except being with the family and being happy.  And to do that takes very little effort.

On the other end of the spectrum ED takes tons of effort, tons of work, a shitload of mind power.  He is exhausting.

What’s the better choice here?


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