I was so bad this weekend

This morning I was in the lunch room at work.

I overheard this woman say to her friend “I was so bad this weekend.”

Bad?  Wow, did she cheat on her husband?  Did she steal something from a store?

When you look up the word bad in the dictionary (do they even have dictionaries), or in this case Wikipedia the following are what describes bad:

  • unpleasant
  • decayed
  • putrid
  • of poor quality
  • vulgar
  • immoral

Okay, you get the idea.

Wow, I wonder what she did that was so bad.

As I stood pouring my coffee trying to not be too obvious with my eavesdropping, she elaborated that she was bad this weekend because she had birthday cake at a party last night.

That’s it?  That’s what’s so bad?  She explained how she would have salad for lunch to make up for the crap she ate last night.


I know I should practice what I preach, but it just amazes me that this is our society.  Similar to my experience at Longos yesterday.  Why does the friend not say “Shut the &^*# up you moron.  It’s a piece of cake.”  But that’s not what happens.  The friend supports her.

It’s sad, upsetting, stupid and unreal that we look at eating a piece of cake as bad behavior.

Let me tell you what bad behavior is.

This.  Me.

Wasting my life focusing on ED and allowing him to control me.

It would be nice if the conversation in the lunch room went something like this:

“I had an awesome weekend.  I went to this great party and ate the most delicious piece of cake.”

Is that possible?


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