New Beginnings. A Fresh Start.

Today is the Jewish New Year.

Funny enough, I found my New Years resolutions lists I’ve kept since I was 16.

19 years old is when I first wrote ‘loose weight’. I guess that’s when the beast started. Looking back all of my resolutions were about the outside. And pleasing everyone else. Not about what I could do for me.

I don’t want to wait until December to make my list this year. I’m starting today. And it’s a short list. Typically I have anywhere from 6-15 things on it.

Today I have one New Years Resolution:

Reclaim my life and get rid of ED.

Today. Right now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Today. Stop making promises. It’s time to (as Nike would say) JUST DO IT.

I will not write until next Sunday.  At that point I will give you a full review of my week. It will be good. It must be. It has to be. It will.

Happy and healthy New Year.

The happy will follow the healthy.

Shana Toa!


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