Working Mom

So, you must be wondering….how is the new job?

Without a doubt the right move!  The environment is great, the people are awesome and it’s a place where I can learn and flourish.

Look, going back to my previous job would’ve been easy, comfortable and familiar. I do love the friends I made there, but in my heart I knew I needed a fresh start. This was an enormous decision to make. Someone in my position certainly shouldn’t gamble at a time when I am working to recover and make small changes. But I did. And I am glad I did. It feels right and I am confident that it will be a missing piece to the puzzle that I need to put together my new life.

I should not inflict mental and physical pain on myself. I am too valuable to allow my own self to torture my own self. 

A saying I once heard sums it up.

Treat your body the way you would treat a friend. ‘Nuff said.

To my new beginning and all of you who supported and encouraged me to change. I was fearful, apprehensive and conflicted. But I proved I am strong and worthy of happiness. We all are.

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