New Relationship

Recovery is about trust.

I am trusting the professionals. To make me better. To get me healthy. To live again.

It’s a big deal to put all of your faith in one person. So I need to feel comfortable and like the people I am trusting. Sometimes it takes a few consultations with a bunch of different people until I find the one person I think will be helpful.

Take Mina for example. I have seen and met with numerous therapists.  Mina is my lifeline. I trust her 100% and know that she will be the one to help guide me to a successful recovery through her wisdom.

Today I met with a new nutritionist. She was accommodating, realistic and understanding. No BS. I knew I could be honest with her. When I can open up and not lie, I know I have found someone that I need in my life.

So. I have my therapist and nutritionist. It’s taken me a while to find them, but I know these are relationships that were worth the wait.


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