*A Wednesday Bonus*. Saying see you later.

Today I had an appointment to see my (old) boss. I wasn’t sure how our conversation would go after giving my notice. I was scared. Nervous. Anxious. We had developed a great relationship over the past three years and I wanted to be sure we left it that way.

It was exactly what I wanted. We talked about everything. I explained that I needed a new beginning and a start fresh.  He has known about  ED for the past two years when I overdosed on anxiety meds before we flew to Israel (I told you I hate flying).  We sat next to each other and I was as high as a kite, so I used that opportunity to tell him about ED. Oh ya, and my breast reduction.  Note to self.  Ease up on the meds next time or be sure NOT to sit next to my boss.  As an employer and a friend he gave me his full support throughout this process and time off.

He said that if a new start is what I need to get better than I have his blessing.

Of course, I worried. Did I make the wrong decision?

I went and made my rounds to say hello and not goodbye, but see you later to all of my colleagues that I consider my very good friends.  I am fortunate to have formed such close bonds with this fantastic group of people.  I was sad.  Again, did I make the wrong decision?

Change is scary.



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