Lisa looks so sick

One of my best friends texted me yesterday. She said that her cousin Melanie called to tell her that she saw me at Aroma.

“What’s wrong with Lisa? She looks so sick.”

I do?

I feel that I’m progressing. Making progress. Getting better. Trying to get better. So how do I still look sick?

My mind is working. My mind is recovering. My body is trying to catch up. The two aren’t quite in sync yet. So unfortunately, people can’t see the progression in my kepi but it’s there. They say that while recovering it takes time for your body to accept that you are eating. So it doesn’t allow you to store the food appropriately. That is why weight gain can be a slow process. Eventually it realizes “Hey, this is a normal thing now”, and the weight gain begins more naturally.

So, while I may look ‘sick’ physically, emotionally I’m on my way.


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