Mina recommended a book today. It’s called Gifts of Imperfection. Yesterday my good friend dropped by to give me that book!  What a coincidence. Thanks JK! XO

Every time I meet with Mina we talk about many different things. She is amazing and and I am happy to have found her. She is honest and has shed light on so many things.

Today, her take home message was that I need to try and learn to say, I’m not perfect. And that’s okay.

I laughed and said how do you untrain yourself from something you have always believed to be true?  I told her I would start by saying, I am not perfect and Mina said I should be okay with that. She was amused.

It is possible to retrain yourself. And that is exactly what I’m doing. Learning how to think, cope and manage.  In the past my coping has led to poor choices and bad behaviours.  Which if continued will ruin my life.

Another interesting thing Mina said, is that it’s okay to say no. No is a full sentence with a period at the end. It’s not: No, I can’t because….  It’s simply no.

Imagine that. Me, not being a perfectionist. Not being a people pleaser. Not over-extending myself. So who would that “new” person be?  Mina said, it’s still you, but a you that is living for yourself and not everyone else.  A you that is coping.

I am focusing this week on being imperfect.  Might be sort of fun.

And less exhausting.

Happy Canada day, eh!


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