You put on weight

I bumped into a good friend (who thinks I always ignore her – which I don’t, you know I love you – I’m just oblivious sometimes) and we got chatting outside of No Frills.  She said I looked well.  I look better.  I look like I put on weight.


So this scenario could’ve gone one of two ways:

1. Shoppers Drug Mart close by.

2. Think about what she said.  Really think about it.

It was closely followed by “When I saw you in September at school the first day of drop off, you looked exquisite.”  In September I weighed about 20ish pounds more than I do now.

Now that I think about it, I should have more friends like this – she was full of compliments this morning.

So, back to the scenario.  What did I do?

I felt good, I felt great.  I want to look healthy.  I don’t want to look like a skeleton.

So her comment, was a compliment and made me feel good about my progress.

Mina said that I am a perfectionist, which I know.  I have perfected my eating disorder.  She said my next challenge should be to perfect my recovery.

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