Are you sick?

I was getting my nails done yesterday.

The usual small chit chat.

Than the esthetician says, “You are so skinny. Are you sick?”

It was like I got punched in the gut. I feel like I am making progress, looking healthier, than this.

What does she see that I don’t?

I DO NOT THINK I’M FAT.  Trust me.  I know I have to gain weight.  But a complete stranger looking at me that way?

I have to work on my physical AND mental health.  But I suppose the physical will come with the mental.

As I was loosing weight at the beginning of my illness, the comments were reassuring.  But now, they are embarrassing.  I don’t want to look sick.  I don’t want to be sick.

Day 10.  I’m on the road to recovery.  It’s long, but I’m looking forward to the road trip.


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