I hab a code

I am sick.

I never get sick. But here I am with a sore throat and runny nose.

Day in bed it is.

The ironic thing, is you have no control over a cold. It comes out of nowhere, makes you feel like shit and destroys any plans you had that day.

Sounds exactly like an eating disorder. But the complete opposite. Does that make sense?

The effects are the same. You basically feel like shit.

A cold comes out of nowhere. No control.

An eating disorder is meticulously planned and you have all of the control.

Seems unfair. I had plans today. Things to do. But I couldn’t do any of it. I had to stay home in bed. When I take laxatives I can prepare for a day like this,  I wasn’t prepared.

Why would I choose a situation that makes me feel like shit and keeps me home all day? So my pants are a bit looser? So my collarbone sticks out more?  For who? who?  Why?


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