Happy one week!

I did it.

In therapy today, Mina talked about rewards.  She asked me about the “rewards” I received after taking laxatives.

I was lighter, emptier, thinner.  Those were the rewards.

She asked me if I was rewarding myself for NOT taking laxatives.

I wasn’t.

She said a week is huge.  A major milestone.

I need to reward myself each day that I don’t torture my body.

I explained how every day feels like an eternity as I try to battle this disease.  I was tired of being sick.  Mina said that I was tired of being a perfectionist and trying to be everything to everyone and that is why I became sick.  And on the other end of the spectrum, here I am now tired of being sick.  We will work on better coping techniques when I get “tired”.  Clearly the ones I have chosen aren’t doing me any good.

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